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Horizon Community School

Horizon Community School is the result of an innovative partnership among Marin Horizon School, Sausalito Marin City School District, Marin Community Foundation, and other community organizations. The Marin City campus opened its doors to an inaugural class of 12 two-year-olds on August 23, 2017.


Honoring our commitment to foster and respect diversity in the community and the world, Horizon Community School satisfies a growing need for quality early childhood education in an underserved community of Marin County.


Horizon Community School believes that education is a cooperative endeavor between families and educators, and this special program features monthly family activities and educational programs to promote play, learning, and healthy routines both at school and at home.


Program & Faculty

Our program offers a culturally competent, Montessori-inspired curriculum in a nurturing environment that promotes cognitive, social and emotional development.


The school day includes exploration of the senses and activities to advance practical life skills, acquisition of language and mathematical skills, as well as a sense of order. Sensorial materials are rotated frequently and become increasingly complex throughout the year. Imaginative play is encouraged, and learning is fun and purposeful.


Apply to HCS

Horizon Community School is currently accepting applications for Marin City residents 18–36 months old. You can download the application here.


To request a paper copy of the application, please contact

Angie Evans at 415-619-3997 or

Please return your completed application to:


Marin Horizon School
Attn: Angie Evans
305 Montford Ave
Mill Valley, CA 94941


Monthly tuition is determined by your household income.


Horizon Community School is an early childhood education program that advances educational equity and social justice. We leverage public and private resources with Marin City community expertise to prepare children for academic success.


Equitable high-quality early childhood education in a model of community partnership.


Partnership – We partner with families, educators, and community members and value each other’s voices in our decision making.


Kindness – We respect and honor each other, listen with empathy, and seek to understand each other’s perspectives.


Cultural Emphasis – We recognize that each child brings a unique cultural background to the classroom and value these contributions of our children, families, and community.


Transformative Leadership – We maintain high standards in our research-informed pedagogy. We develop and support passionate educators who exude the joy of learning, reflect the community we serve and mentor others to teach our students effectively.


Cerella H. (HCS Parent)

"HCS has created a stable foundation of learning and friendship for our son. He wakes up excited to go to school every day and comes home teaching us something new. As parents, we are appreciative and empowered by the parent engagement nights, which have given us tools to our son’s journey in life."

the Video

Message from the Executive Director

Transformative leadership is a Horizon Community School core value, a value we subscribe to on many levels.


I witness the magic of transformative leadership every day; it generates systemic change,

challenging individuals to strive beyond societal and self-imposed limitations, inspiring us all to reach higher for ourselves and the community we serve or inhabit.

The objective of transformative leadership guides us as we:

  • nurture students' natural curiosity and belief in themselves;

  • help parents embrace their leadership abilities, empowering them to advocate for their children's education and for their own aspirations and values;

  • develop and support passionate educators who exude the joy of learning, reflect the community we serve and mentor others to teach our students effectively.


This school year, Horizon Community School is transforming as well! We are expanding our reach and deepening our impact and leadership in three noteworthy areas.


First, we have secured significant annual state funding as an approved early education subcontractor for the Sausalito Marin City School District. This funding enables us to prepare more low-income students for kindergarten, a proven critical element for continued success.

Second, we have broken ground on our new campus at Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church, where we will ensure physical stability and long-term preschool access for Marin City. This major physical upgrade reflects the excellence taking place inside our classrooms each day as well as our growth as a beacon in Marin City.

Third, we continue to provide meaningful growth opportunities for our staff and parents, including empowerment classes and educational conferences such as People of Color Conference, where our teachers provide and receive inspiration, or as I like to call it, Food for the Soul.

We could not fulfill our goal of transforming lives without your support. Thank you for partnering in our mission to provide equity and justice in teaching and learning. We are grateful for your continued support of Horizon Community School.

In partnership,

Stevie Lee

Executive Director

Horizon Community School

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Download the

20222/2023 Annual Report for

Horizon Community School

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